YLAD Living Soils from Young in NSW is an example of a commercial composter reusing expired food organics and organic material diverted from landfill. The food waste is sourced from fresh produce retailer Harris Farm Markets and is backloaded from its Sydney outlets.

Food organics are composted to Australian Standard AS4454 and are then safe to use in vegetable farming. There is no withholding period required by Freshcare FSQ4. Compost producers that manufacture products certified under AS4454 can supply the fresh produce industry. Do not use compost with food organics that does not meet AS4454.

Compost that contains food organics has additional  benefits beyond traditional compost, which are recognised as increased water holding capacity, increased organic matter and improved soil structure. Adding food organics will:

  1. Increase the diversity of feedstocks leading to a more microbially diverse compost.
  2. Introduce microalgae to compost and further improve the microbial biomass when applied as a soil conditioner.
  3. Lower the C:N ratio of compost from proteins present in food organics because they are a nitrogen source

This is a Waste Less Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy. Project code: 2018/OMD/006