Applied Horticultural Research (AHR) and RM Consulting Group (RMCG) have delivered the Soil Wealth ICP project to Australia’s vegetable industry since 2014.

Our team consists of highly experienced and trusted technical experts able to broker knowledge from research to farming communities.

Pictured left to right: Ryan Hall (AHR), Umberto Calvo (AHR), Clinton Muller (RMCG), Sophia Thach (AHR), Dr Anne-Maree Boland (RMCG), Carl Larsen (RMCG), Stephanie Tabone (AHR), Camilla Humphries (RMCG), Dimi Kyriakou (RMCG), Jedidiah Clark (RMCG), Dr Gordon Rogers (AHR) and Dr Doris Blaesing (RMCG).

Absent: Dr Kelvin Montagu (AHR), Paulette Baumgartl (AHR), Morag Anderson (RMCG) and Kim Saville (AHR).