The Australian melon industry joined the Soil Wealth ICP project in 2023.

Soil Wealth ICP is currently focusing on three priority areas identified by the melon industry:

  1. Soil health
  • Cover crops, rotations and minimum till
  • Consumer education
  • Biology and microbiome
  • Composting and soil
  1. Crop health
  • Integrated pest, disease and weed management
  • Genetics and new varieties
  1. Optimising inputs
  • Reducing plastic use
  • Building soil organic matter
  • Nutrient use efficiency
  • Waste
  • Fuel
  • Irrigation

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Soil organic matter: Rules of thumb

April 10th, 2024|

This rules of thumb guide provides a general outline of the functions and management of soil organic matter (SOM). SOM refers to organic materials found in soil, including plant and animal residues at different...

Spray application essentials

March 14th, 2024|

Crop protection products play an important role in vegetable production and are regularly used to control insect pests, diseases and weeds. When applying these products, aim to maximise the amount reaching the target and...

Promoting soil health at WA melons roadshow

March 13th, 2024|

Soil Wealth ICP team member Umberto Calvo joined a team of experts on the recent melons roadshow in Western Australia. The roadshow, organised by Melons Australia and funded through the Hort Innovation Melon Fund, visited...

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