What is the Partnership Network?

The Soil Wealth ICP Partnership Network aims to actively build industry capacity. It is especially important for vegetable and melon growers, their staff and advisers to understand current and future innovations in products, technologies, services and how they can support their businesses to be more productive and profitable. The Partnership Network is closely related to the Soil Wealth ICP project’s focus areas and is in line with the project’s guiding principles.

While the Soil Wealth ICP project is establishing linkages to researchers nationally and internationally, The Partnership Network is not an individual research project. Its goal and therefore the purpose of the partnerships is to improve access to technologies, products and innovations that are proven, available and adoptable and/or adaptable on vegetable and melon farms.

The purpose of the partnerships is NOT to provide additional funding for the project, or for project staff to develop or endorse the partners’ products or services.
For more information, the Terms of Reference for the Partnership Network are available here.

What are the benefits?

How can I join?

To join the Soil Wealth ICP Partnership Network, simply fill out this online form and a member of the project team will be in contact with you shortly.

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