In an exciting new collaboration, local growers in the Sydney Basin area of New South Wales are set to benefit from cover cropping and soil health practices.

The project, a partnership between Soil Wealth ICP and NSW’s Local Land Services (LLS), aims to enhance soil health and improve crop yields. This partnership will be highlighted through a series of field days organised at the Richmond farm, where growers can observe and learn about the latest techniques in cover cropping.

The first of these field days will take place in December, focusing on corn. LLS will showcase a variety of corn breeds alongside Soil Wealth ICP’s cover cropping methods and soil health practices.

The initiative will continue with a field day in May 2025, centred around brassicas. At this event, attendees will again have the opportunity to explore different brassica varieties and gain insights into effective cover cropping and soil health strategies specific to these cash crops.

These events aim to provide practical knowledge and inspiration to local growers, fostering a more resilient and productive agricultural community in the region.

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