A Soil Wealth ICP vegetable demonstration site in Tasmania’s Midlands will investigate how growers can reliably produce high yielding pea crops. Hosted by Simplot Australia, Soil Wealth ICP team members Dr Doris Blaesing and Naomi Palombi (RMCG) will work closely with Simplot agronomists and VegNET Tasmania.

The trial will focus on enabling site-specific management decisions for key soil and crop management activities and inputs. The cooperative approach to the site will allow the team to work with 12 pea growers in the region during the 2023/24 season.

The demonstration will include showcasing the best use of digital agriculture/precision tools combined with LISTmap data (e.g. enterprise suitability, production risks, land capability etc) and existing research data on pea production to achieve production benefits.

The analyses will include gross margins and key productivity factors such as nitrogen use efficiency and on farm emissions.

Contributions to the demonstration site will be evenly shared between Soil Wealth ICP, Simplot and VegNET.