Researchers at DPI Vic, Peracto Pty Ltd, TIAR/UTAS and Qld DEEDI have worked together to investigate and develop multiple management options for Sclerotinia, using lettuce and green bean as model crops,

The long term aim of this research is to identify effective control measures and beneficial cultural practices for managing Sclerotinia which can be integrated into IPM and Best Management Practice (BMP) programs for sustainable production of vegetables in Australia.


  • For effective and durable Sclerotinia control it is better to integrate a number of methods including rotation, cultural practices, disease prediction and fungicides.
  • New management options developed to improve the control of Sclerotinia diseases.
  • New fungicide treatments for lettuce drop and bean white mould and a plant-derived soil treatment to reduce disease carry-over.
  • New biofumigant crops identified with high levels of anti-fungal compounds effective against Sclerotinia pathogens.
  • Methods developed to predict the risk of white mould before sowing, during the
    growing season and before harvest.