The situation

Coronavirus (COVID-19) will change the way we do our work, but as we still have important work to do, it can’t be allowed to stop our work. It is crucial that we continue to support growers, advisors and other industry stakeholders with the best available research and development (R&D) extension services, products and communication on improved soil management and plant health in the Australian vegetable industry.

Soil Wealth ICP can provide a solution

The Soil Wealth ICP project team are highly experienced and skilled in providing non face to face support and engagement. This includes easy-to-use videoconferencing for consultation with individuals or groups such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and interactive whiteboards. You can of course get in touch via phone and email. We will continue with our webinar schedule. Please let us know of any topics you would like us to cover.

Our independent experts are here to support you make practical and researched-based business decisions.

Access the fact sheet below for your expert contact for each of the technical areas / problems.