The Loose Leaf Lettuce Company in Gingin, Western Australia, has been successful in reducing their weed burden to a minimal level after several years of diligently using a simple but very effective integrated approach.

Their weed management approach in an intensive vegetable production system includes: using non-selective herbicide during the fallow period and pre-planting to kill crop residue as well as any weeds in the soil; tillage to form beds ready for the next crop; and diligent and regular hand weeding once the crop is growing and following harvest. Their objective is to ensure weeds do not mature and produce seed.

In this video, Maureen Dobra from The Loose Leaf Lettuce Company explains their weed management approach and the many benefits it has realised for their farm.

The University of New England is grateful to Maureen Dobra, Steve Allie and the team from The Loose Leaf Lettuce Company for sharing the story of their success.