This guide summarises and provides easy access to useful resources developed by the Soil Wealth and Integrated Crop Protection project from December 2017 to February 2023.

These resources are relevant to all major vegetable and potato growing regions in Australia and include fact sheets, case studies, videos, webinar recordings and podcasts, as well as demonstration site information.

The main topics covered by these resources are:

  1. Soil amendments
  2. Soil biology
  3. Cover crops and biofumigation
  4. Reduced tillage
  5. Equipment and machinery
  6. Emerging technology and precision agriculture
  7. Nutrition management
  8. Irrigation management
  9. Insect, nematode and mite management
  10. Weed management and crop protection
  11. Disease management and crop protection
  12. Biological crop protection products

All the resources in this guide can be found on this project website.

In addition, a complete list of resources developed under Phase 1 from 2014-17 can be found here.